Who is A/C Central?

A/C Central Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC is a family owned and operated business providing heating and air conditioning services. David Holsinger (President) has over 20 years experience in the industry.

Because we are a family owned business, we know the value of a dollar and the importance of making your money go as far as it can, therefore our philosophy is to repair your existing comfort system the first time rather than replace it.

Low overhead allows our pricing for service calls and replacement to be very economical.

Call us…

  • If your unit isn’t cooling or heating.
  • For information regarding an energy saver maintenance program to help prevent a system failure.
  • For a comparison if you need a replacement or new installation.

Our rates are great!!

We provide a free no obligation quote.

Customers are our No One Priority

At A/C Central, it is our belief that our customer’s trust and comfort is our number one priority. We know that each customer has unique needs and we understand that communication is key to fast, accurate and complete satisfaction. Listening to the customer will lead to the right diagnostics.

Certifications, Training & Insurance

A/C Central is a licensed State Contractor holding a master license for HVAC, Gas and Building. In addition, A/C Central is licensed in Virginia Beach and other multiple cities. Our mechanics are EPA Freon certified and insured.